The Attawandaron
The Grand Plan
Road Less Travelled
War of 1812
The Gore
Half-Pay Officers
Old Oxford is Wide Awake
Very Like Baseball
The Town Plot
Prisoner of Zenda
The Last Stop
A Personal Empire
7,300 Pounds of Fame
Ross Butler
Aimee McPherson
George MacKay
Cassie Chadwick
Emily Stowe
Joe Boyle
Dastardly Deeds
Rural Roots
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Norwich and District Museum & Archives, Norwich ON
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Ingersoll Cheese Factory Museum , Ingersoll ON

Narrator: Robert More
Producer: Zach Melnick
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Sound Production: Dave Jacombs
Production Design & Research: Jennifer Hunter
Lighting & Camera Assist: Drew Lint & Kyle Melnick
Web Site Programming: Chris Nixon
Original Theme Music: Simon Wood
Original Score: Ian Bell
Production Secretary: Donna McEachern
Character Narrations: Jeff Teravainen, Liz Janson, Nick Wells
Re-Enactors: Bernard Calder, George Calder, Peter Rigby, Lisa Murphy, Nick Wells, Devin Lough, Woody Lambe, Glen Power, Robert McCarey, Marilyn Wooldridge, Jeff Brown, Peter Melnick, Marty Melnick, Bright the Ox, Fanshawe Pioneer Village Staff, The Brown Family, The Herb Family, The Wooldridge Familiy, The Luft Family, Ross Hunter, Mark Stockford, Alex Rigsby, Rachel Cocks
Special Thanks: Cathy Bingham, Mary Gladwin, Lisa Murphy, Karen Richardson, Doug Symons, Tricia Longeway, Jon Bowman, Rita Corner, Carl McDonald, Sharon Meek, Joyce Pettigrew, Bruce Holiday, Ward Houghton, Sally Martyn, Diana Player, Shanna Dunlop, Ian Raven, Karen Houston, Karen Fairchild, Anne Vallentin, Donna McEachern, Shelia Johnson, Anne Blake, Rachel Cocks
Photo Credits: Oxford County Archives, Norwich and District Museum & Archives, Woodstock Museum, Princeton & District Museum, Ingersoll Cheese Factory Museum, Beachville District Historical Society, Woodstock Public Library, Annandale National Historic Site, The Ross Butler Gallery, Charles Reeves
Archival Film Footage: Doty Docs, Ontario Archives, Dave Butler
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