The Attawandaron
The Grand Plan
Road Less Travelled
War of 1812
The Gore
Half-Pay Officers
Old Oxford is Wide Awake
Very Like Baseball
The Town Plot
Prisoner of Zenda
The Last Stop
A Personal Empire
7,300 Pounds of Fame
Ross Butler
Aimee McPherson
George MacKay
Cassie Chadwick
Emily Stowe
Joe Boyle
Dastardly Deeds
Rural Roots
The following museums have made significant contributions to the Ontario Visual Heritage Project: Oxford. Without their support, this project would not be possible. Many of the photographs on this site are courtesy and copyright these museum.
Woodstock Museum National Historic Site
Phone: (519) 537-8411
Web Site:
Princeton & District Museum
Phone: (519) 458-8392
Web Site:
Annandale National Historic Site
Phone: (519) 842-2294
Web Site:
Beachville District Historical Society Museum
Phone: (519) 423-6497
Web Site:
Ingersoll Cheese Factory Museum
Phone: (519) 485-5510
Thames Valley Museum School
Phone: (519) 424-9964
Web Site:
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