The Attawandaron
The Grand Plan
Road Less Travelled
War of 1812
The Gore
Half-Pay Officers
Old Oxford is Wide Awake
Very Like Baseball
The Town Plot
Prisoner of Zenda
The Last Stop
A Personal Empire
7,300 Pounds of Fame
Ross Butler
Aimee McPherson
George MacKay
Cassie Chadwick
Emily Stowe
Joe Boyle
Dastardly Deeds
Rural Roots
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Following a tour of Upper Canada in early 1793, Governor Simcoe foresaw a series of town sites linked by a military road in the system of rivers and canals, providing inland access during an era when commerce and settlement depended on water transport. The provincial capital would be located at the lower forks of the Thames with the name London.

Further down the river would be the town of Chattam, and at the upper forks where the native path known as the Detroit Trail first struck the Thames would be another town, to be known as Oxford. Through these centres the potential of the only major river flowing through the peninsula would be fully realized.

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