The Attawandaron
The Grand Plan
Road Less Travelled
War of 1812
The Gore
Half-Pay Officers
Old Oxford is Wide Awake
Very Like Baseball
The Town Plot
Prisoner of Zenda
The Last Stop
A Personal Empire
7,300 Pounds of Fame
Ross Butler
Aimee McPherson
George MacKay
Cassie Chadwick
Emily Stowe
Joe Boyle
Dastardly Deeds
Rural Roots

The loss of the political positions to Half-Pay Officers, the rich vacant land owners, and the in- ability for the government to provide a timely solution for the land issues in Norwich led to a major participation in what would become the rebellions of 1837.

"Although we may have but one Thomas Horner in the legislature, I believe that the next election will show the world that we have more just such sterling stuff among us- that we will have no more go- between members, and in fine, that old Oxford is wide awake." - St. Thomas Liberal News

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