The Attawandaron
A Man Owns Land
War of 1812
The Land Owns Him
Rebellion of 1837
Bushel for Bushel
The Iron Horse
The Old Alma Mater
A Few Jumbo Mistakes
London's Resort Town
Cofferdam Disaster
Marquette & Bessemer
The Olga
Mitchell F. Hepburn
How Sweet It Was
Another Way
Edisons of Vienna
John Kenneth Galbraith
Immigration Disaster
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St. Thomas began to grow rapidly in the late 1800's thanks to central location it was around the one day mark for passengers travelling between Buffalo and Detroit. Although the major reason for prosperity in the county, the rail also brought its fair share of tragedy.

This section includes the story of the 1887 train wreck on the London and Port Stanley Railway that injured and killed many as hot oil was spread over St. Thomas. This section also includes the story of the death of Jumbo, an event for which St. Thomas gained fame and notoriety. Finally, this section concludes with the terrible murder of William Henry Hendershott.

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