The Attawandaron
A Man Owns Land
War of 1812
The Land Owns Him
Rebellion of 1837
Bushel for Bushel
The Iron Horse
The Old Alma Mater
A Few Jumbo Mistakes
London's Resort Town
Cofferdam Disaster
Marquette & Bessemer
The Olga
Mitchell F. Hepburn
How Sweet It Was
Another Way
Edisons of Vienna
John Kenneth Galbraith
Immigration Disaster
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While the rest of the county struggled with the effects of new technology on it's rail and commerce a new community of people would come to the area which relied mostly upon the county's natural resource: The land.

In the 1950's two groups of people came to the area to take advantage of it's agricultural facilities. The Amish left from the Indiana/Ohio area to avoid the Korean war draft and made farm land north of Aylmer their home, while the Low German Mennonite families established themselves in Malahide Township.

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